Passito di Pantelleria D.O.C. – “Cimillya”

cimillyaThe “Nectar of the Gods”: is there a better expression to describe this wine? The legend says that, before her amorous meetings with Bacchus, the Greek goddess Venus used to look at her beauty using the waters of Pantelleria’s lake as a mirror, and together they inebriated themselves with a glass of Passito…
But we don’t need to be gods to lose ourselves in its magical golden color, warm and bright, and to be overwhelmed by the infinity of flavors, fragrances, scents that come from the glass. Finally, in the mouth, we have to “listen” carefully to it, without haste, ready to catch and recognize the complex flavors and nuances…

gold-medal-2010Awards: the Passito di Pantelleria Cimillya has won numerous awards including the Gold Medal at the famous ” Concours Mondial de Bruxelles “, the Silver Medal at the ” International Mayor’s Competition” and other distinctions at Vinitaly.

Production: The harvest usually begins in mid-August in the most precocious areas, the grapes are carefully selected and used for drying and produce raisins. For us, the drying is carried out strictly in the sun, with coverage only in the event of rain or very humid evenings, no other artificial methods are used. The process takes about 30-35 days, during which the grapes are turned several times to allow a homogeneous drying of the bunch. Then an ancient rite, almost disappeared, then begins in the small wine cellar: the manual distemming, berry by berry, conducted with great skill and organization by Signora Angela and her friends, this labor-intensive activity is transformed in a social event, where old ladies gather altogether and have small talks for hours and hours. The raisins are  then gradually placed, to a degree which varies from 30 to 40%, in the must made with fresh grapes coming from a second harvest: the raisins, once in contact with the must, slowly rehydrates and give all the sugar and aromatic substances that were accumulated during the drying process .

Characteristics: produced with Zibibbo grapes dried in the sun for 30-35 days. Very intense golden colour, tending to amber. Very intense and complex aroma, sweet taste, velvet, soft and warm on the palate, full body and persistent. Alcohol 14% – Service temperature at 16 -18 ° C

Pairings: with desserts, sweets, dried almonds, excellent and unexpected pairing with aged cheeses (e.g. pecorino and parmigiano), also accompanied by honey; it can also be enjoyed on its own, as a “meditation wine”.

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