Wine tasting with us

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Practical information: in the summer the winery is open every day with the following time table: 10.00-12.00 and 16.30-19.30, Saturday 10.00-12.00

We offer tastings of all our products and you do not need a reservation except for large groups, in this case it is recommended to contact us in advance so we can offer a better service (special openings times can be agreed).

In August it is also possible to join some of the winery's production activities such us the harvest, laying down the grapes to dry, destemming the raisins or other events that you can find on the page "news".


Our approach: the winery D'Ancona always welcomes visitors and tourists with no-frills, in a friendly, generous and simple manner; here the guest is sacre, in accordance with the ancient Greek tradition that influenced the island. Who gets in contact with us, not only will taste the great products that this land is able to donate, but will also become part of our world, our life, of the culture and traditions of the island. Our guests are also informed and assisted in the planning of the holiday, so that they can better appreciate the amazing opportunity that offers this rugged territory, black, violent, aggressive, lunar, uncomfortable, but at the same time sweet and wonderful with its light and its deafening silences…who comes to see us at the beginning of the holiday, invariably comes back to say goodbye before leaving, now hopelessly in love with Pantelleria island!


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