etica shankaraThe Winery D’Ancona has strong historical roots that go deep into the volcanic soil of the island of Pantelleria, and it faces the future with courage and curiosity. The winery, embracing the developments of the world, is carrying on its business with responsibility towards the customer, the environment and the community of which it is part.

Tradition : we have a long history and tradition that have been handed down for centuries, keeping them alive is a duty towards our children. Our guide is always the immense love and passion for our land.
High quality of products : following the old philosophy of Salvatore and Totò, production accounts just a limited number of bottles, in order to be able to perform the traditional process with an accurate control of all stages, from selection of the grapes until the finished product: excellence is our starting point, not the final goal. The commitment to continue with a family tradition of quality is assumed unconditionally, being aware of the value ​​of rediscovered stories, culture and traditions.
Environment: we always try to adopt environmentally friendly solutions within our reach, such as the restoration of tanks for precious rain water collection, recycling, use of fully insulated tanks, energy saving LED lamps and the consequent reduction of CO2. Unfortunately, in the area of Cimillia, which is classified as archaeological, the installation of alternative forms of energy production that could take advantage of natural elements like the sun and the wind, is not permitted.
Social Commitment: for many years now we have joined a project of the Community of Sant’Egidio, “Wine for life”, for the prevention and treatment of AIDS in Africa and the creation of health centers in remote villages. In Pantelleria instead, we have taken to heart the dream of Alice, the construction of a playground for children. The battle to maintain the maternity ward on the island was something we were closely involved with, that brought the community together to ensure women’s rights to give birth on the island.

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