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No matter how small, Pantelleria offers an infinite variety of natural resources that allows to live very strong emotions and experiences and that makes her much bigger than it is. One week is barely sufficient to see and do the main things.

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Staying in Pantelleria: on the island there are few large hotels with all the comforts and organized activities, some exclusive resorts and residences that are perfectly integrated into the environment, and also a large number of “dammusi”, typical country cottages built with local volcanic rocks and with white domed roofs. The dammusi can be spartan or luxurious, with a swimming pool or not, they are always perfectly integrated into the landscape, discreet guardians of the rural peace. The choice is yours!

The sea: the main characteristic is that there are no beaches, the coast is in fact characterized by solidified lava that falls into the sea, for this reason the sea of Pantelleria must be lived and enjoyed actively, exploring the underwater world with a mask and snorkel and diving from the cliffs, the sun won’t miss and, in some areas, the island will spoil you with hot water springs. Discovering one by one the numerous accesses to the sea is the sport of the summer, each one is different from the others thanks to the folds and strange shapes that the lava took on its way to the sea. Always consider that the more difficult will be to reach the sea, the more you will find solitude and silence.58 Dietro Isola

Several boats organize tours of the island that last a whole day: this is a must for those who come for the first time, and it allows to appreciate from the sea the masterpieces of nature in sculpting and shaping the lava and the geological layers created by the various eruptions. Several stops are possible along the coast for a swim in the crystal clear waters and to visit the numerous caves, and at sunset, you might lucky enough to get a spectacular view of the coast of Africa. Each captain has his own character, so choose carefully! Alternatively you can rent a boat by yourself, along the harbor you will find who can help you. Another absolutely unforgettable activity is scuba diving! On the island there are several diving centers, all valid, just choose the closest to your residence and get ready for adventure.

_MG_8856 copyThe mountain and the inside: although the sea is the king of the summer, we cannot forget that it is not the first nor the only activity available: the inside of the island offers a wide variety of trails, paths and experiences that allow you to get in contact with the environment and totally immerse yourself in the natural beauty, the scents, the silences and unreal atmospheres where the wind is the only sound, the real voice of the island. The “Montagna Grande” is a must see, it is the green heart of the island and a Protected Natural Reserve, the plains of Ghirlanda and Monastero, sweet valleys sheltered from the winds, the mountain Gibele, Cuddia Attalora, the old lava eruptions of Gelfiser and Khaggiar and much more. Well-marked trekking trails that crisscross the island are everywhere, sometimes on old roman roads, they form a grid where it is beautiful to get lost and then find ourselves again. The characteristic agricultural landscape with its dry stone wall terraces,DSCN4281 bears the marks of the effort of countless generations of men. Walking in the little rural villages, each of which has its own small private chapel, allows to get in touch with the more authentic people from Pantelleria, simple, helpful and welcoming like no other.

Thermal baths and archaeological path: the island offers a thermal tour based only on its natural resources, renewable and free! You can start with the beauty muds at the lake “Specchio di Venere” (The mirror of Venus), with its incredible colours, continuing with the natural sauna of Sibà, situated in a cave on the flank of the mountain, to finish eventually in the warm sea waters of Gadir or Nikà, were underwater geysers provide the perfect temperature to relax.

The ones fond of history can instead follow an exciting archeological tour, discovering what is left of the various peoples that ruled on the island: do not miss the acropolis of San Marco (Roman-Phoenician city), the Sesi (megalithic prehistorical tombs), the villages of Mursia and Scauri (prehistorical fishermen villages), the Byzantine tombs and especially the beautiful imperial heads found some years ago in an old Roman water tank and now exposed, along with other findings, at the castle Barbacane in Pantelleria Center .

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